The Swiss national team clearly loses in the semi-finals of the World Cup

Switzerland was always a step late against the Czech Republic.Image: keystone

Switzerland narrowly missed out on a World Cup final at their home World Cup in Zurich and Winterthur. In the semi-finals, the national team lost to the Czech Republic 3:11.

The Swiss reacted promptly to the initial shock. Less than two minutes after the Czech Republic took the lead with the first shot, Switzerland equalized again. Patrick Mendelin made it 2-1 in the 7th minute, which should last a good seven minutes. But before the first break, the Czechs regained the lead with two goals.

In the middle third, the Swiss went down really well. Coach David Jansson’s team had to watch helplessly as the Czech offense went into overdrive and increased the score to 7:2 within 14 minutes.

“It’s incredibly disappointing. We got off to a pretty good start. Then we make bad decisions, we allow the Czechs to counterattack. In the end, I wanted to give us a chance to take advantage without a goalkeeper and come back. I feel that we let the Czech Republic into the game too easily after we made it 2-1. In the end, the Czechs were simply much better than us today. They didn’t allow anything, they won duels and had an emphatic running game.”

David Jansson, national team coach.

In the last third, Switzerland took a lot of risks, changing the goalkeeper several times for another player in the field, but it did not lead to success. Instead, the Czechs kept increasing their lead.

Due to the defeat, the Swiss missed a great opportunity to reach the World Cup finals for the second time since 1998. Not only since the 3:3 draw against Sweden in the group stage was it clear that the Czechs would be a strong opponent. However, it was the first time since 2004 that Switzerland also failed to win against the Czech Republic at home in the World Cup, when they managed to avoid the two dominant top countries Sweden and Finland in the semi-finals. In the 13 events held so far, the world champion has always been either Sweden (9 titles) or Finland (4 titles).

Now, just like in 2004, the bronze medal match (Sunday, 12:00) will take place against Finland, who lost to Sweden 3-4 after a penalty shoot-out in a dramatic match. 18 years ago, the Swiss lost 7:8 and got nothing. In the current World Cup, the two teams faced each other in the group stage and a strong performance saw Switzerland win 7-5.

Switzerland – Czechia 3:11 (2:3, 1:4, 0:4)
Zurich. – 11,254 spectators (sold out). – SR Andersson/Wissman (SWE).
Thor: 2. Krbec (Forman) 0-1. 3. Christoph Meier (Heller) 1:1. 7. Mendelin (Konrad) 2-1. 14. Hemerka (Marek Beneš) 2-2. 16. German (Langer) 2:3. 21. Langer (Marek Beneš) 2:4. 23. Besta (Tokoš) 2:5. 33. Forman (Langer/Powerplay CR) 2:6. 35. Hemerka (Marek Beneš) 2:7. 37. Mendelin (Bürki) 3:7. 49. Tokoš (into an empty goal) 3:8. 53. Marek Beneš (German/into an empty net) 3:9. 57. Forman (Krbec) 3:10. 59. Besta (Kisugite) 3:11.
Punish: your 1 time 2 minutes.
Switzerland: Pascal Meier (21st Eder); Bischofberger, Heller; Chart, Mock; Bürki, Konrad; comic; Riedi, Christoph Meier, Laely; Zaugg, Braillard, Seiler; Maurer, Schiess, Mendelin; Rüegger, Kaenzig.
Czech Republic: Bauer (60. Martin Beneš); Hemerka, German; Hosiery, Rypar; Kisugite, Gruber; Marek Beneš, Langer, Havlas; Delong, Forman, Krbec; Tokoš, Šindler, Ondrušek; Kreysa, Jendrišák, Besta. (ash/sda)

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