The stars of the women’s national team criticize the organizers of the World Cup Qatar


WC 2022“Are we living in the Middle Ages?” – The stars of the women’s national team criticize Qatar

Nati players also speak against the World Cup hosts before coach Nils Nielsen says goodbye.

Controversial statements of Khalid Salman in the video.


The last game is on Friday Nils Nielsen as a coach Swiss women’s national team. In Schaffhausen, they will face Denmark in a friendly match. A special moment for the stars, as they admit just before the match.

On the one hand, the national team is thinking about the end of an era – there is a personal farewell gift for the Danish coach, but they are also busy with the upcoming Men’s World Cup in Qatar. Many players are not looking forward to it yet.

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Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic, who plays for FC Barcelona, ​​says: “The biggest problem is the venue.”


Ramona Bachmann says:

Ramona Bachmann says, “The players can’t do anything for the place where the tournament is held.”


Riola Xhemaili is of the same opinion.  But the super talent also says that he will not support the World Cup.

Riola Xhemaili is of the same opinion. But the super talent also says that he will not support the World Cup.

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Boycott? renouncing consumption?

Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic says 20 minutes into the media round that he feels “0.0 expectations”. On the one hand, it’s a bad season for such a tournament. On the other hand: “At the venue, the biggest problem is the lack of women’s and human rights.” Then the Barcelona star talks about ZDF’s interview with World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman in which he talks about being gay as “mental damage” designated. “It’s outrageous,” says Crnogorcevic, who wonders, “Are we still living in the Middle Ages?”

Ramona Bachmann he agrees with his teammate. He thinks the place is a big problem. Are you boycotting the World Cup? The 31-year-old denied it. He loves football. Then it explicitly states: “Players cannot for the location where the tournament is held.”

Coumba Sow faces a dilemma. The midfielder also heavily criticized Qatar for 20 minutes. He talks about the lack of human rights, dead workers. Sow believes that you can send a strong signal by abstaining from consumption. The heart of the matter: Senegal and the Netherlands meet at the World Cup – “their countries”, as Sow, 28, says: “I only watch the matches I have to watch – and not the rest.”

Qatar rejects the criticism

The Qatari side says there is nothing to worry about and that countless reforms are underway to improve the situation. Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani said “all people are welcome” at the World Cup, including homosexuals.

However, the Swiss footballers did not feel comfortable. Super talent Riol Xhemaili she talks about not supporting the World Cup like her colleagues. Like Bachmann, the nineteen-year-old defends all the World Cup footballers. “The players are not to blame,” said youngster Nati. Blaming you is wrong. “If I were them, I’d like to watch the games too.

Stars Nati Sommer, Shaqiri and co. Géraldine Reuteler says: “I will be watching Switzerland’s games and I hope they go far in the tournament!”

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