The results of the American elections slowed Putin down

The US will continue to support Kyiv in the war in Ukraine even after the midterms. For Vladimir Putin, the election results are a defeat – at least symbolically.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • In the US, Republicans are doing worse than expected.
  • One of the losers is the Russian regime around Vladimir Putin.
  • However, we should not overestimate the importance of the medium term for the Ukrainian war.

The US voted. It is gradually becoming clear how the distribution of power in Congress will look after the midterms. It is now clear that the Democrats will retain the Senate – the House of Representatives, meanwhile, should go to the Republicans. Tighter than expected though.

Interested in American Midterms?

The results are important not only for the United States, but also for other countries. Russia and its President Vladimir Putin probably looked to America, among other things. But what does the rather weak performance of the Republicans – especially the Trump wing – mean for Moscow?

Putin hoped for a Republican victory because of the war in Ukraine

The Kremlin certainly hoped for the clearest possible victory of the Republicans and supporters of ex-president Donald Trump. Before the election, it was written about in many media. Because Republicans are generally seen as somewhat more cautious about supporting Kiev in the war in Ukraine.

In view of the results, “Spiegel” is now talking about a “signal to Putin”. The head of the Kremlin “miscalculated”.

Not much is likely to change about American aid to Ukraine, even in the new Congress. Especially since many Republicans want to help Zelenskyi.

Russia does not want to exaggerate American results

It is interesting how the US elections are commented on in Russia itself. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov downplays the importance of US mid-term deadlines for Moscow. Relations would still remain bad, regardless of the outcome.

With a likely red majority in the House, one thing is clear: Biden’s next two years could become more uncomfortable due to gridlock from the GOP.

But even in the House of Representatives, the race is much tighter than expected. Too close for any real change in Ukraine policy, even if some Republicans would like it.

Donald Trump could realign politics in the war in Ukraine

For many observers, therefore, the more important question is what will happen in the 2024 presidential election. If Trump or one of his supporters becomes president, foreign policy could fundamentally change.

It should be noted that the real significance of the mid-term US documents for the Ukrainian war is probably not that great. However, the results on a symbolic level should be interpreted as a clear signal to Russia and as a damper for Putin.

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