The result of the race is as certain

( – In fact, one might have thought that Carlos Sainz should have been happy with his race to finish from fifth to second in the Formula 1 sprint from Brazil, but in the subsequent press conference the Spaniard was not particularly happy, he was relieved.

Carlos Sainz not impressed with Ferrari pace after sprint


On the one hand, there is a grid penalty that has pushed Sainz down to seventh on the grid for Sunday’s race, and on the other, the surprisingly strong pace of Mercedes, with Ferrari battling for second place in the Constructors’ Cup. The Silver Arrows will start the feature race from the front row following George Russell’s sprint victory.

“I mean we have a decent pace this weekend, only Mercedes can have a bit more pace,” analyzed Sainz. “It will be interesting to see tomorrow what happens when we are all on medium tires like today [Max] Verstappen.”

“We’ll see how the medium holds up. And of course we have to overtake them on the track tomorrow because I’ll start from P7, I think Charles will start from P5, so we need a good race if we want to beat them.”

Sainz suspects: No chance even from the second place on the starting grid

Sainz does not believe in big miracles from the seventh place on the grid, because the sprint “was good, but in the end also very difficult”. “We finished second but I spent ten laps trying to get ahead of Lewis [Hamilton] Defend. However, I was able to outrun Max, which was quite difficult given his top speed.”

“However, I still feel that if we started from P2 tomorrow, we would be vulnerable to the two Mercedes. They seem to have better handling and better race pace,” explains Sainz. From a distance, the chances are likely to be even less.

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“At least we’ll be involved,” hopes Sainz. “Unfortunately I have to go for a penalty, which is kind of the story of my season. Whenever I’m strong and I have a good pace, on weekends like this I suffer a setback. I’m fine. I feel like I had a perfect race so I’m ready to fight tomorrow .”

Sainz: Ferrari must hope for ‘crazy’ first round

Sainz is in for a tough fight with his former teammate Lando Norris, whom he barely overtook in the sprint. The McLaren pilot will start from sixth place after a grid penalty for the Spaniard.

“It will be a challenge to overtake Lando, who was particularly aggressive towards me today – I don’t know why, but he was fighting for his life,” Sainz said. “Hopefully I can get past him quickly and then join the fight at the front.

“I think it will be just as exciting [im Sprint], but the order of the cars will probably be more certain tomorrow than today. So it will be more of a strategic race. We’ll have two Mercedes, two Red Bulls and then two Ferraris – unless something crazy happens in the first round.”

“And I think it looks like that’s the race speed of the cars. Maybe Max will have a good pace again tomorrow after dealing with the media today. Then we’ll see how we can at least get closer as a team with Charles.” on Mercedes to lose as few points as possible tomorrow, which is the goal.”

Ferrari better than in Mexico, but only third force?

After all, Ferrari can claim a better performance in Sao Paulo than two weeks ago in Mexico, confirmed by Sainz: “We’re definitely better. We’re more musical, but after today Mercedes definitely looks like an advantage and Red Bull doesn’t.” I don’t know for sure because Max had problems with the media.”

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In the post-sprint press conference, Lewis Hamilton suspected that it was not so much Mercedes alone that had improved recently, but rather that Red Bull and Ferrari had taken a step back. When asked about it, Sainz answers.

“I’m pretty sure we didn’t go back,” he says. “I think they did a better job of improving the car and putting more downforce on the car.

Sainz: I have to work hard over the winter

“I don’t feel that way [Mercedes] he has a big gap to close over the winter for 2023 as I think they were fastest today. If anything, us and Red Bull have to realize that if we want to be fast in the race next year, we have to put a bit of pressure on the car and keep improving.”

“Because we’ve seen it before: the pace of development at Mercedes is second to none. I think they’ve shown in all the past seasons that they’re always the team that has progressed the most, even when they’re in the lead.” or too At the beginning of the season we were behind. And this shows that we ourselves need a good winter. And not only that, we also need to develop well next season.”

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