The Nord Stream explosions were sabotage with explosives


investigationNord Stream Sabotage – “explosive residue on extraterrestrial objects” found.

An investigation concluded that the damage was caused by sabotage. Russia has cut energy supplies several times in the past to put the region under pressure.

According to the Swedish authorities, the leaks in the Nord Stream pipeline were caused by sabotage.

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  • The Swedish investigation found “residues of explosives on strange objects” near the damaged pipes.

  • Moscow accused Britain of coordinating the blasts.

  • The Kremlin, meanwhile, has a history of pipeline sabotage.

Investigators have to damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines Evidence of sabotage was found. As the Reuters press agency writes with reference to the chief Swedish prosecutor, Mats Ljungqvist, “remnants of explosives were found on several strange objects”. No further information is currently available on the nature of the objects and their possible origin – according to Swedish authorities, the ongoing investigation will look more closely at whether there are any possible suspects.

Already in October, an investigation commissioned by Denmark concluded that leaks on two pipelines caused by strong explosions was. After a total of four detonations, a huge amount of gas leaked from the pipeline for weeks – in total it must have been more than 400,000 tons of methane. The leaks were partly in Denmark, partly in Sweden’s economic zone, so both countries investigated the incident.

Moscow blames Britain

For sabotaging A pipeline carrying Russian gas leading to Germany and supplying the European energy market, Russia was quick to blame the British government after the incident. The explosions were “directed and coordinated” by Great Britain. But the Kremlin would also be very interested in further destabilizing the already uncertain energy situation in Europe and thus undermining support for Ukraine. Past examples show that Russia is perfectly capable of this.

In January 2006, for example, there were two explosions on the Mozdok-Tbilisi gas pipeline in Georgia, as a result of which gas transport was stopped for a long time. The act of sabotage was accompanied by the cutting of power lines that left large parts of Georgia in the dark, and took place during a period of particularly cold weather in Georgia. In August 2008, just before the outbreak of the Caucasus War, in which Russian-backed separatists tried to annex Georgia to Russia, another pipeline explosion occurred in eastern Turkey. According to US intelligence services, Explosion caused by software manipulation by Russian special forces.

The Kremlin has experience with pipeline sabotage

Meanwhile, in 2009, Turkmenistan accused Russia of deliberately damaging a pipeline carrying Turkmen gas to Russia. At that time, the demand for gas from Europe decreased, which meant that Russia was no longer dependent on buying Turkmen gas for resale to EU countries. According to Turkmen officials, Russia then caused the so-called “vacuum bomb”. The flow of gas is deliberately stopped without warning, which can lead to massive damage to the pipeline.

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