The new studio “Tagesschau” falls. “It looks a little weird.

This is what the new Tagesschau studio looks like

Milestone or mistake? SRF’s new daily news studio divides spirits.


The premiere of “Tagesschau” in the new studio went off without a hitch. But the design gives something to talk about. The tech looks old-fashioned and anchor Florian Inhauser is overwhelmed by the logo, according to a Twitter user.

The main editions “Tagesschau” and “10vor10” appear in a new guise and are now broadcast from the news and sports center. The old studio has seen through and an era of 17 years is coming to an end, SRF tweeted about a double studio premiere yesterday.

The premiere of the main edition of the “Tagesschau” in a new look caused a lot of reactions from viewers on social networks.

“With a mouse and cable, really?” Twitter user Tobias Niklaus, for example, writes twice: “Florian Inhauser also doesn’t look excited about the ‘new technology of the daily news’ in the photo.”

Inhauser and the strange posture at the table

User Vorpommern-Girl thinks Florian Inhauser’s stance looks a bit funny, half standing and half sitting.

Also for the blue news editor Bruno Bötschi the new studio doesn’t look fully developed yet. In the close-up, the logo overwhelmed journalist Florian Inhauser.

opinion poll

How do you like the new “Tagesschau” studio?

User Ivo Heeb, on the other hand, likes the new design of the studio. Ironically, he says, “I like the state-of-the-art screen on the desk with the mouse and cable.”

Will SRF Replace Wired Mouse Bluetooth Mouse? blue News asked SRF. A reply is still awaited.

It is important for SRF that operations are stable

After much backlash, SRF responded to Blue News’ request: “More programs will be moving into the studio environment, which means small changes will continue to happen. The most important thing now is stable operation and the first live experiences in a new environment, »says SRF media spokesperson Nadine Gliesche.

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