The most legendary cycling scenes in movies and series.

The “Flying Bike Ride” in “ET” is one of the most impressive moments in movie history.

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Legendary scenesDo you like traveling by bike? Then you should know these movies

There are countless iconic movie cars, but two-wheelers have also made legendary appearances in movies and series. We’ve put together the most legendary cycling scenes.


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“Transporter 3”

The third “Transporter” movie is basically mundane, but two scenes elevate the action movie: one where Jason Statham saves his own car from drowning (seriously), and another where he uses nifty skills on two wheels instead of four detections.


The 1980s cult film “Quicksilver” is a mash-up of “Flashdance,” “Fame” and “Footloose”—only with bicycles. And if you think bikes are cool today, back then she was hippier than any brick wall. In fact, they were so cool that entire street trick battles were held with them. To this day, it is probably the most legendary film about bike couriers.

“The Goonies”

Who doesn’t know them, the Goonies! Hardly any other movie sums up the freedom you had on a bike as a kid so well. Two wheels and good friends – that means adventure! Complete with Cyndi Lauper’s signature 80s soundtrack, the motorcycle scenes from «The Goonies» are simply legendary!

“American Airmen”

If we stay right in the 80s, we get to “American Flyers” – a Hollywood film between family drama and cycling action. It’s true that the movie isn’t a blockbuster, but back then all Kevin Costner had to do was put on a mustache and do a cartwheel.

“Project A”

The multi-talented Jackie Chan in his movie “Project A” proves that a bike is not only rideable, but also excellent for beating up other people.

“Napoleon Dynamite”

«Napoleon Dynamite» divides opinion – you either like it or you don’t. The fact is: The nerd with a penchant for Liger’s drawings is iconic, including the legendary scenes in which Napoleon has to drag his brother on roller skates or jeopardize his family planning.


Although bikes don’t appear very often in this sci-fi classic, Elliot’s little red bike plays a big role in a key scene. The scene where Elliott flies through the forest with an alien in a basket while the moon appears in the background is rightfully one of the most iconic moments in film history.

“BMX Bandits”

I don’t know about you, but I had to have a BMX after this movie! I scolded my parents for months until it was finally under the Christmas tree. Red with real tassels. The cult film from below became famous not only for its BMX action, it was also the film debut of Nicole Kidman. The scene where the three race down the toboggan on their BMX bikes is legendary.

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