The most important news from America’s largest trade show

Genesis, Porsche and Toyota

These are the stars of Los Angeles

Auto shows are now having a hard time with visitors and manufacturers. But there are even innovations for Europe at the LA Auto Show from November 18 to 27.


Andreas FaustHead of the Car & Mobility department

The Los Angeles Auto Show is a smart bag. Sometimes the lackluster performance of the show of local car repair shops, sometimes the breathtaking fireworks of new products. This year, the results of what is now arguably the most important auto show in the US are mediocre. With one exception, European manufacturers are reticent: Porsche is showing an off-road version of its sports car icon with the 911 Dakar. Reasonable? Maybe in California, one of the brand’s main markets.

But otherwise the events are mainly dominated by Asian exhibitors. With the X Convertible, Genesis unveils an electric convertible study that’s more about a clear, simplistic design line than a declaration of intent to put something like this into production. Subaru is revealing the next-generation Impreza for 2024 — still for the US only, though the compact hatchback’s shape looks very European.

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