“The Masked Singer Switzerland”: Who is under these costumes?

The hottest picks before the finale of “Masked Singer Switzerland”.

Who is under these costumes?

“The Masked Singer Switzerland” is most recently announced. Three costumes made it to the finals. Blick guessed who might be under the masks.


Rapper Steff La Cheffe narrowly missed out on making it to the finals as a koi elf.


Sarina BosshardováEditor People

The final identities in “The Masked Singer Switzerland” will soon be revealed. For weeks, representatives of Swiss celebrities have ventured onto the big stage of the ProSieben show. Steff la Cheffe (35), Franco Marvulli (44), René Rindlisbacher (59), Tatjana Frey (26) and Sandra Boner (47) have already been revealed. In the final, the hedgehog, Robi and the toucan fight for victory. But who is hiding behind the remaining three masks? Blick has put together the hottest tips.


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