The marriage failed because of his illness

Peggy Jerofke and Steff Jerkel break up

Did the love of TV expats fail because of his illnesses?

After 24 years, “Goodbye to Germany” expats Peggy Jerofke and Steff Jerkel announced earlier this week that they are separating. Since the birth of his daughter, “he didn’t have much left,” says Jerkel, who is terminally ill.


Peggy Jerofke Steff Jerkel were a couple for 24 years.

They were a good team: Peggy Jerofke (46) and Steff Jerkel (53) were in a relationship for 24 years, they showed their daily life in Mallorca in Vox’s expat show “Goodbye to Germany” and in “Summer House of the Stars”. But it’s all over now. On Friday, the couple announced they were separating.

In an emotional TV interview with RTL, Jerkel revealed: “Peggy and I are going to break up. We fought for a long, really long time and really tried everything.” Although his ex-partner is an “amazing woman”, something is missing. Especially since the birth of their daughter Josephine (4), Peggy Jerofke has changed, the TV emigrant continues, adding: “There’s not much left for me.”

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