The killer fights for Putin and deals drugs

33-year-old Vadim Tekhov brutally murdered his ex-wife. He was released from prison for the war in Ukraine – and arrested again.


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  • Russia is reportedly using 35,000 prisoners in its war in Ukraine.
  • Among them was Vadim Tekhov: he stabbed his ex-wife.
  • Now he was arrested again as a soldier for a drug offense.

Vadim Tekhov murdered his ex-wife. Therefore, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison in Russia. Now he is to fight at the front in the war in Ukraine, as reported by the “Daily Mail”.

It used to be known that Russian President Vladimir Putin was sending criminals to war. The 35,000 men who are actually behind bars are said to be deployed as soldiers.

Tekhov arrested in the war in Ukraine

Likewise, 33-year-old Tekhov: the recordings show how he was arrested again – for a drug crime. He allegedly intended to supply other soldiers with drugs. In the video that has surfaced, he claims he was arrested for being drunk.

In Russia, the Tekhov case caused waves last year. Reason: An ex-cop confronts the mother of his child over alleged messages to other men. However, Regina Gagiyeva refuses to unlock her mobile phone.

Tekhov then stabbed her several times in the neck and upper body. Gagijeva had previously informed the authorities about domestic violence. He was arrested after her death.

Are you worried about the war in Ukraine?

The recruitment of prisoners is directly related to the mercenary group Wagner. Its boss and oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin (61) was filmed in a Russian prison in September offering pardons to prisoners for violent and sexual crimes. In return, the prisoner had to fight with Ukraine for six months.

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