The Italian prime minister is already causing a scandal after three weeks in office


Appeals for help from the German refugee ship Geo Barents after Italy refused to take the rescued. People were allowed to disembark from ships in Sicily only after protests.

Atlantic alliance, EU values, sanctions against Moscow. During the election campaign, Giorgia Meloni (45) signaled support and partnership to the Western world. Above all, Emmanuel Macron (44) hoped for good bilateral relations with the first Italian head of government. But just three weeks after Melonis took office, the neighbors are already facing diplomatic chaos. The reason: the refugee policy of the new right-wing government in Rome.

Both countries want the EU to cap gas prices and provide billions more in loans against their own energy and economic crises – a new aid package that some EU countries, including powerful Germany, are rejecting. Macron decided on a strategic alliance with Italy. And so the French president was also the first foreign head of state to visit the newly appointed prime minister in Rome.

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