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Switzerland will face the Czech Republic in the semi-finals of the World Cup on Saturday. Affiche always promises a lot of excitement.

The dream of World Cup gold in front of a home crowd lives on for the Swiss floorball team. Thursday’s shock victory over Latvia secured their 12th straight World Cup semi-final qualification.

Switzerland’s chances of reaching the final for the first time since 1998 are better than ever. For the first time in 18 years, the local floorball players will not face the giants Finland or Sweden in the semi-finals, but the traditional “bronze rivals” the Czech Republic.


Duel in the semi-finals with the Czech Republic

Manuel Maurer.

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Four times in a row in recent years, the small final was called Switzerland – Czech Republic. This year, one of the two teams once again has a chance to fight not for the consolation prize, but for the coveted World Cup trophy. A look at the past shows that the duels between the two teams are always close and nerve-wracking.

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You can watch the semi-final between Switzerland and the Czech Republic live on Saturday from 17:00 on SRF Zwei and in the Sport application.

2021: Czech Republic won bronze

Switzerland and the Czechia already met in the group stage at last year’s World Championships in Helsinki, before the fight for the medal in the game for third place. Switzerland made the difference only in the last period and ended up winning 4:2 thanks to goals from Jan Zaugg and Christoph Meier.

After losing again in the semi-finals to Sweden, the Swiss fought for the bronze award against the Czech Republic. From Switzerland’s point of view, the tournament ended in bitter disappointment.

With 15 minutes to go, Switzerland led 3:1 before the Czechs turned up the heat. They equalized only in the 59th minute and thus led the match to overtime. There, Filip Langer decided 22 seconds before the final siren, and with it the ecstatic onslaught of the Czech players.

2018: Inverted Image

Four years ago in Prague, the paths of the two teams crossed twice. The Czechia won the group stage 6:4, Switzerland kept on top in the game for bronze. Thanks to a better start and the final period, she won 4:2 and secured her last medal at the World Championships so far.

The 2018 tournament must have had a bitter memory for some Swiss floorball fans: In the semifinals, the national team narrowly lost to Sweden in a penalty shootout.

2016: For once a clear result

At 8-5, Switzerland won the bronze medal match unusually well. After a clear defeat in the semi-final against Sweden, the Swiss managed to rise again in Latvia to the small final. They placed on top in every section and celebrated precious metals.

2014: the middle third makes the difference

After a 1:10 defeat against Sweden, Switzerland had to go to the bronze medal match and experienced another low blow there with a 3:4 defeat against the Czech Republic. The Czechs scored all their goals in the middle period and could wear the bronze medal.

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