The floorball national team remains empty after the home world championship


Floorball World Cup“The killer instinct is missing” – Nati has a blank after the home World Cup

With the home crowd behind them, gold was the national goal. In the end, it is only enough for fourth place. Still, not everyone is just disappointed.

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“It’s very bitter,” is the disappointed forward Manuel Maurer after the fourth place at the home World Cup.


David Jansson is retiring as head coach after eight years.

David Jansson is retiring as head coach after eight years.


Despite a good starting position, there is no medal for the floorball team.

Despite a good starting position, there is no medal for the floorball team.


Over the past eight days, Switzerland has become the center of the floorball world. Over 150,000 fans flocked to the Swiss Life Arena in Zurich and the Axa Arena in Winterthur on the days of the tournament. Already in first appearance of the national team Last Saturday, ZSC had goosebumps in its new home. The support of the fans allowed the national team to perform at its best.

By winning the second match of the group against Co-favorite Finland you could surprisingly secure victory in the group. And during the tournament, he managed to avoid the nine-time world champion Sweden. A situation that made you dream of reaching the final for the first time since 1998. But the national team was suddenly torn from their dream on Saturday. Against the supposedly weaker ones You beat the Czech Republic 11:3 under. A historic chance for a home final a gold medal became playful.

Positive balance of the home World Cup

Another defeat in the small final on Sunday. The Finns weren’t any better, but they were more efficient and pulled through 4:3 to win the bronze medal. It was the first time for Suomis since 2004 that they were not playing for gold. Swiss forward Manuel Maurer sums it up over 20 minutes. “It’s bittersweet, we got a good starting position and we couldn’t take advantage of it.” The four best teams in the world are so close together. “That’s floorball,” says Maurer.

“We lack a little bit of killer instinct, it’s hard to coach,” Maurer said of the lack of effectiveness. The twenty-nine-year-old player did not want even two defeats under pressure. “We learned during the tournament how to deal with it. And how can we use the support of the audience.” The national team coach David Jansson was also disappointed after the defeat. “I gave the guys more.

“Emotional Roller Coaster Ride”

There are still some shortcomings, especially on the athletic field, but he is proud of his team, said the Swede. “I always want to give my team a chance to win and we had it in both games. A great starting position after the group stage is secondary for him. “Everything is very tight at the top, so the Czech Republic is not a much easier opponent than Sweden or Finland.”

Jansson, who was in the gang for the Swiss national team last time, has no regrets. “It was an honor to work with these people. You still have a gap to the absolute top of the world, but especially in the tactical area you are already the world’s top. “No one follows the game plan better than this team,” the 42-year-old praises his team. In two years, there will be another chance for a medal from the World Championships.

Then the record world champion Sweden can count on home advantage. In 2024, the floorball world championship will take place in Malmö, southern Sweden. Despite the semi-final defeat, Switzerland is represented in the final of the World Cup. The two Swiss referees Sandra Zurbuchen and Corina Wehinger are officiating the Men’s World Championship final for the second time in a row.

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