The Facebook group buys the startup “The Lion’s Den”

One million contract for Maschmeyer and Co.

Mega deal for a “lions den” startup: Digital sizing consultant Presize, in which Carsten Maschmeyer invested in late 2020, was acquired by Meta from Mark Zuckerberg.

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If Mark Zuckerbergs personally had his fingers in the cake? Almost impossible. Nevertheless, this news is a surprise for the German market. The Facebook group Meta has acquired the startup Presize, which courted investors on the VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen” at the end of 2020.

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer confirmed the news on Twitter. “Mega! Meta buys the start-up “DHDL”! Leon, Awais & Tomislav, you inspired me so much at DHLL in 2020 that I invested immediately. Now Facebook’s parent company is taking over Presize”, explains the 62 year old man. entrepreneur two years ago was able to collect shares of 15 percent for 650,000 euros. What will be his profit if the business is sold? Not clear. Questioned by t-online, he does not wish to comment on this subject.

According to an entry in the commercial register, which would be accessible to the magazine “Gründerszene”, among others, Meta now owns 100% of the company. The purchase price is not known. But t-online knows: a high double-digit amount of one million was transferred for the transaction. t-online asked both Facebook and Presize for comment. The companies have yet to respond. A few questions remain unanswered.

Presize is a digital size guide that uses body analysis software to help people choose the right size when shopping for clothes and shoes online. This works, among other things, via a short video that the customer records with his mobile phone. In one minute, the artificial intelligence creates a size ID that can be used in all stores that collaborate with Presize.

employees will have to leave

Presize’s approximately 50 clients include Vero Moda, Rich & Royal and Krüger Dirndl. Their sales have obviously increased and the return rate has dropped, as “Textilwirtschaft” only reported at the beginning of the month. There, the founder Leon Szeli had already announced that the startup was going to change its business model.

The idea of ​​the numerical size recommendation was already well received in “The Lion’s Den”: Maschmeyer wanted to join the company and negotiated vigorously. Other investors followed, including former Hermès boss Christina Rosenberg.

What exactly Meta plans to do with Presize and what will happen to the startup’s 50+ employees is unclear. As t-online has learned from the company’s environment, some employees will not be able to continue in the future. Questions about the future location remain unanswered. It is conceivable that Meta is only interested in the technology behind the concept of Presize.

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