The expert classifies. Jenny Frankhauser’s partner wants to drink her breast milk.

Jenny Frankhauser, the half-sister of reality star Daniela Katzenberger, recently became a mother. Her partner Steffen König now wants to drink her breast milk. A Swiss midwife explains how useful it is.

Jenny Frankhauser and her partner Steffen König became parents of little Damian at the end of September. Her son was born on September 29, 2022.

The couple lets the world participate in their everyday life in their reality show “Jenny & Steffen im Babyglück”. TV station TLC accompanies the two during doctor’s visits, during the filming of the baby bump and during the birth.

“Better than a protein shake”

And already at the beginning of the performance, one or the other curious detail will come to light. So before giving birth, Jenny touches her breast because she can feel the moisture and says, “Oh, is the milk getting in there yet?” Steffen then says, “Let me know when there’s milk.”

Because the child should share it with him. Reason: “I read on a bodybuilding website that it’s better than a protein shake.”

Please what? Asked by Blue News, Franziska Summermatter, a midwife in Zurich, said: “I think it’s complete bullshit.”

To the person


Franziska Summermatter is the founder and owner of midwife practice Zurich AG.

Breast milk is useless for men

She explains: “We know that the benefits of breast milk are irrelevant for babies after six months.” The body simply breaks down breast milk, including protein and lactose.

“But all that stuff like hormones and antibodies won’t be of any use to men anymore.

Breast milk is made for human babies who “need to build their intelligence fast and strong.” And for that you need sugar. Therefore, according to Summermatter, the bodybuilder’s tip is completely illogical.

Frankhauser and König still want to try breast milk. Jenny Frankhauser says she’s “very curious” about the taste.

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