The divorce from Sid cost Charlotte Würdig a lot of courage


Goodbye Love!Sido and Charlotte Würdig divorced – then we went to the Italian

Charlotte Würdig and Sido are definitely history as a married couple. Now the presenter will reveal how the rapper reacted to the breakup and how her divorce date went.

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Paul Hartmut Würdig alias Sido and Charlotte Würdig were married for eight years. They are now officially divorced.


“Divorce takes all the courage you can muster.  I would even say more than a wedding, »explained the moderator.

“Divorce takes all the courage you can muster. I would even say more than a wedding, »explained the presenter.


It was not easy for her to put her signature on the divorce papers.

It was not easy for her to put her signature on the divorce papers.


It’s about it

  • Charlotte Engelhardt (44) and rapper Sido (41) were married for eight years.

  • Now they are officially divorced, as the presenter reveals in the interview. It wasn’t easy for her.

  • But she is confident about the future and says she remains close to her ex. Last but not least because of their joint children.

Presenter Charlotte Engelhardt and Paul Würdig, better known as rapper Sido, walked down the aisle in 2012. But after eight years of marriage and two children together, the two called it quits surprisingly announced their breakup. The 44-year-old man kept silent about the failed relationship for a long time – until now! In an interview with «Bunte” announced that she and the 41-year-old man have been officially divorced for a few weeks on paper.

The TV personality revealed that the ending was painful and difficult for her: “Divorce takes all the courage you can muster. I’d say even more than a wedding,” she explained, continuing, “The moment you sign the divorce papers, everything you dreamed about as a couple, everything you wanted to build together, ends up in one more brochure.”

Sido was surprised by the divorce

She decided to go her own way. “When a woman files for divorce, she thought it through carefully, then she fought for love for a long time, and usually she leaves quietly and quietly, but in the end,” said Charlotte. The decision came as a bit of a surprise to her ex: “I don’t think he expected it.”

While many other divorced couples throw a sort of divorce party to celebrate their newfound freedom, Würdig was anything but in a celebratory mood: “On the way home, I thought, OK, you’re alone, but not lonely. You are sad yet energized as a new era begins. I was not focused at that moment. It does something to you.” Still, it was the right decision.

Despite the circumstances, the former spouses maintain good relations with each other. All in all, the divorce was “amicable and fair” and ended with a meal together at an Italian restaurant. “It was important to both of us that we didn’t part with a handshake.” Finally, the presenter emphasizes again: “Pavel will always be an important part of my life, even if it’s different than two years ago.”

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