The Chinese bestseller Stromer is now also available as a convertible

Wuling Hong Guang: Only 44 horses are enough for a bestseller

Rolling magic cube

Whether it’s Fukang, Hwanghai or Zotye: There are dozens of car brands in China that we’ve never heard of. Wuling is one of them – this manufacturer produces the best-selling electric car in China.


Wuling? He never heard! The Chinese car brand is building the world’s best-selling Wuling Hong Guang electric car. Here’s the Gameboy Edition, which scored particularly well with male customers.

The Chinese car market is the largest in the world and for European brands such as BMW and VW it is more important than domestic markets in the long term. From January to September, almost 17 million new cars were registered there. In the same period, however, new registrations in Europe reached only 6.8 million units. In addition to the established European manufacturers, many of which have a 100-year tradition, there are also many newcomers who are barely 20 years old – and we have never heard of them – who are introducing their models to the Chinese market.

The best example is Wuling Hong Guang. It looks like a toy car and is reminiscent of the kei cars that have been successful in Japan for decades, with maximum space in a minimal footprint and national tax breaks. It was developed in a joint venture with the American car company General Motors (GM). Thanks to its popularity among young customers, the small electric car has been at the top of Chinese sales statistics for two years. For the past six months, the mini electric car has even been the number one electric car worldwide: since its launch in July 2020, over a million units have been sold.

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