The boss blames Wagner for the brutal execution of the CIA


Yevgeny PrigoshchinNow Wagner’s boss is blaming the CIA for the brutal executions

A video of a brutal execution has been circulating on social networks for a few days now. Shortly afterwards, Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigošin celebrated the video. Now he’s blaming the CIA.

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Yevgeny Prigozhin, who became known as “Putin’s cook”, is the head of the mercenary company Wagner.


He recently said of the video of the execution:

He recently said of the video of the execution: “I hope no animals were harmed in the shooting.”


The video shows someone smashing the prisoner's head with a sledgehammer.

The video shows someone smashing the prisoner’s head with a sledgehammer.

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The founder of the Russian mercenary group Wagner has the participation of Wagner’s mercenaries in brutal execution a suspected deserter in Ukraine. “Wagner employees are characterized by excellent discipline and strict adherence to international standards and globally recognized rules of conduct,” the Kremlin insider said. Yevgeny Prigoshchin on Tuesday.

Prigozhin did it instead C.I.A responsible for violence. The US Secret Service “kidnaps people all over the world, including Russian citizens,” the Wagner founder explained, calling on Russian prosecutors to open an investigation.

“I hope no animals were injured in the shooting”

On Sunday, Prigozhin praised the video showing the alleged deserter being brutally killed with a hammer. The excitedly filmed video was “a great success,” Prigozhin said, adding: “I hope no animals were harmed during the filming.”

The video appeared in channels related to the Wagner Group in online networks. According to the Russian organization, which works for prisoners, the victim is a former prisoner, Yevgeny Nushin, who was recruited in a penal colony to fight in Ukraine. There he defected to the Ukrainian army, but was then recaptured by Russia.

Already in 2017, he killed a prisoner with a hammer

Mercenaries from the Wagner paramilitary group have been deployed in many conflict zones over the years, particularly in Syria and African countries. Prigozhin, a Kremlin confidant, only publicly admitted in September that he founded the long-secret group. In October, it opened an official headquarters in St. Petersburg.

According to the Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, Wagner’s mercenaries already killed a prisoner in Syria with a hammer in 2017, then cut him up and burned him.

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