The Austrian makes jumping fairy tales

Defying Alzheimer’s and a ruptured spleen

The Austrian woman creates showjumping fairy tales

Neurological failures, Alzheimer’s symptoms, blood loss, emergency surgery: Eva Pinkelnigová (34) saw her career and her health hanging in the balance.


Emotional start: Eva Pinkelnigová triumphs in Wisla.

The world of ski jumpers is again amazed by “UFOs”. Eva Pinkelnig got her nickname at the beginning of her career because she first dared to climb the hill at the age of 24 (!). The “unidentified flying object”, previously working as a leisure teacher and actually at home in alpine skiing, suddenly appeared in the Austrian ski jumping sky – and quickly surprised with good results.

Now she is surprising everyone with her incredible comeback story. At the opening of the World Cup in Wisła (Poland) on Saturday, she jumped to third place and won the day after. Crazy when you know where the 34-year-old Vorarlberg was a few years ago. “In very dark places,” Austria-Adlerin tells Blick. He literally crashed on the ground.

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