The 30-year waiting list for Japanese Kobe beef croquettes


Shigeru Nitta is the third generation to run Asahiya Japanese butcher shop.

Are you deciding now what you will put on your plate in 30 years? This is what customers of a Japanese butcher shop in the southern city of Takasago have. Because if you place your order here, you have to bring with you 30 years of patience before it is finally completed.

The reason for these extreme waiting times is because of the coveted beef croquettes sold at this ‘Asahiya’ butcher shop. These contain the otherwise outrageously expensive deli meat of Kobe beef. “Caviar under steaks” can be charged up to 1,000 francs per kilogram. At Asahiya, however, the so-called “Extreme Croquette” only costs the equivalent of 1.70 francs per piece. How is it possible?

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