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From Wednesday evening, it’s time again: 22 celebrities are fighting for 50,000 euros in the third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”. There are 22 entertainers, former dome contestants and TV celebrities. Who do you think will bring the greatest potential for drama?

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“Battle of the Reality Stars” will once again be hosted by influencer Cathy Hummels. She still makes Thai celebrities sweat. And the cast is still impressive this year.

Larissa Neumann took seventh place in “Germany’s Next Top Model” in 2020. Tessa Bergmeier was at GNTM much earlier. The 32-year-old finished 14th in 2009 and also received the Super Zicke stamp. She couldn’t get rid of it after other shows like “Die Alm”, “Die Model-WG” and “Das Promiboxen”.

Some stars of the dome show are there

The two actors of this season are Jan Leyk and Martin Wernicke. The two amateur actors even starred in the same series: “Berlin – Day & Night”. Schäfer Heinrich was looking for a stablemate for the fourth season of “Bauer sucht Frau”. The 55-year-old farmer has meanwhile established himself in the German television landscape.

Yeliz Koc was looking for true love on “The Bachelor” in 2018. Her famous slap, which she gave Rosenkavalier Daniel Völz on the fifth decision show, has long been talked about. She is currently causing a stir with her budding war of the roses with her ex Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. The couple separated before the birth of their daughter last year.

Yeliz Koc: The influencer was inspired by her Yeliz Koc: The influencer rose to fame thanks to her participation in “The Bachelor”. (Source: RTLzwei)

Elena Miras made her first TV appearance on the dating show “Love Island.” Since then, Miras has been in many reality formats such as “The Stars’ Summer House”, “Celebs Under the Palm Trees”, and Jungle Camp. And we now know one thing about the 29-year-old young woman: she does not mince words. Chethrin Schulze was in the same “Love Island” season as Miras. Paco Herb is from the same universe, but from season five.

Mike Cees also gained experience in television. He played a seducer on “Temptation Island” in 2020 and wanted to conquer the heart of the Swiss Bachelorette. The following year, he moved into the summer residence “The Stars” with his wife, actress Michelle Monballijn. He finds a former roommate from there in Thailand: Sissi Hofbauer.

Mike Cees: The reality TV star helped Mike Cees: The reality TV star caused a stir in ‘The Summer House of the Stars’. (Source: RTLzwei)

Yasin Mohamed and his girlfriend at the time, Alicia Isabelle Costa, wanted to test their love on “the island of temptation”. The eight-year relationship broke down in the format. He then had fun on “Reality Shore” that same year. Now he is trying his luck again.

Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein rose to public prominence in 2014 through “Goodbye Germany” before appearing on “Promi Big Brother” in 2018. Iris Klein is not only Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, but also a star reality TV. Among other things, she can record her participation in “Big Brother” and the jungle camp in her TV resume.

Nina Kristin has also appeared in countless formats. Among other things, she had her own show on “taff” in 2008. The former antique dealer Mauro Corradino is known thanks to the docu-series “Der Trödeltrupp” and Sharon Trovato was already seen as a young detective in “Die Trovatos – Detektive Reveal”.

A candidate was a politician

The contestants who only come in pairs are the Jakic twins. Ilona and Suzana have already participated in “The Super Twins” and earn their money as influencers. The lawyer and politician Ronald Schill is someone who has nothing to do professionally with television. After the flop of his career, however, he devoted himself to formats such as “Celebrity Big Brother”, “Adam sucht Eva” and “Celebrities under Palm Trees”.

Jakic Twins: Ilona and Suzana are only available as a twin pack.  (Source: RTLzwei)Jakic Twins: Ilona and Suzana are only available as a twin pack. (Source: RTLzwei)

Astrologer Malkiel Rouven Dietrich often stood in front of the camera. The trainer and fortune teller has been on AstroTV for a long time. Enrico Elia is the newcomer in the round. He secured a spot as a fashion influencer in advance through an application process.

And then there’s Rich Nana, or Diana Foster, as her real name is. She landed a TikTok hit in 2020 with her single “Papi Chulo”. The then 66-year-old wanted to start as a rapper after her successful career.

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