That would warrant a recall

The state media has already reported

Putin wants to justify the Kherson debacle with this propaganda trick

Russian troops withdraw from Kherson. The population demands an explanation, otherwise there is a risk of losing confidence. For this, Putin resorts to a tsarist trick.


Vladimir Putin has prepared Russian state media on how to report in the event of a withdrawal.

The situation in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson was so hopeless for the Russians that their only option was to retreat. But the recapture of Ukraine has dramatic consequences for the attackers. Crimea could then fall next. Putin was prepared for defeat and can hide battlefield losses.

Russian exile media outlet Meduza describes how propaganda handbooks were distributed among state media just before it was announced on Wednesday that Russia was withdrawing. The situation in Kherson is “the most difficult for the Russian military at the current stage of the special operation,” the document says.

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