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Switzerland has it better with Tesla. As was evident already this August, the delivery times indicated in the configurator for both the Model 3 and the Model Y are sometimes significantly shorter than in other European countries, and this week there were several dozen electric cars in quickly available warehouses. Earth. The reasons for this preference are unknown – but they continue: Tesla is now publicly presenting the Model Y in Switzerland for the first time in the new Quicksilver color, which should initially only be available for the Model Y from the German Gigafactory.

New Tesla color at the Swiss fair

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long hinted at special new colors from the electric car factory in Grünheide near Berlin. It will have the most modern paint shop in the world, which will allow for multiple layers and thus impressive effects, he wrote in April 2020. However, with the start of series production this March, he initially had only the black and then the white Model Y produced. But in mid-October, Tesla actually put two new tones Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver into the configurator, which replace the previous red and gray silver.

Since then, the Model Y can be ordered in these two colors for an even higher surcharge of 3,000 euros or 3,200 euros (which apparently do not increase for existing orders). According to information from Tesla, the first one in Quicksilver should be delivered in 2022 and Midnight Cherry Red from 2023. And at least one Model Y in the new silver tone has now been presented by Tesla at the Auto Zurich show in Switzerland.

It is also unusual that Tesla has a presence there at all. While the company showed off everything it has to offer at a recent import fair in China, including Optimus robots and Plaid electric cars, it’s rarely seen at similar events in the West. At the 35th Auto Zurich, however, Tesla is officially on the list of exhibitors and is showing at least an excerpt from its program. And as YouTube channel Vision E Drive first reported on Wednesday, it includes the Model Y in silver Berlin (see photo above).

Model Y in Quicksilver next to Model 3

The discovery is part of a live tour of the fair. Next to the Model Y in the color Quicksilver stands the Model 3 in the gray color of the predecessor Midnight Silver Metallic. Another novelty of the electric car from the German Gigafactory is the missing ultrasonic sensors, which can still be seen next to the Model 3, as the moderator shows and explains. He hopes Tesla can replace their feature with cameras as planned, but he’s also skeptical. He doesn’t have much to say about the new paint except that it’s as good as the rest of the Model Y from the German factory. You should see it for yourself on the streets of Europe soon – or until Sunday in Zurich.

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