Tesla Model Y on an odyssey: driver or system error?

Tesla China opens up about the circumstances of the Guangdong odyssey that killed two and injured three.

Tesla Model Y was driving at excessive speed. The driver can be seen behind the wheel.


A video posted in early November of a Tesla Model Y apparently speeding through the city without an owner went viral. Security camera footage has been edited to show the entire journey of the 2.1 ton electric SUV.

The driver appears to want to park the car, but then turns back onto the street. Since then, the car has been traveling at high speed down the street, knocking off at least one wheel and colliding with an oncoming vehicle. This causes the Tesla to skid and go off the road to the right where it hits a store and stops after about 1.6 miles.

Little is known about the background of the destructive journey. According to “Jimu News”, a 55-year-old man was behind the wheel of the Tesla, who reportedly survived the accident. However, there were two dead and several injuries.

A family member told the broadcaster that the driver had problems with the brake pedal while trying to park in front of the family’s store. There the odyssey began.

Rumors about Tesla are bubbling again

Due to previous incidents affecting the semi-automatic autopilot system, the Tesla carmaker is at the center of the investigation. As in previous cases, Elon Musk’s company immediately commented on the incident.

Based on vehicle data available to Tesla, the brake pedal was never pressed during the entire process. On the other hand, the gas pedal was pressed significantly often. Tesla also defends itself against any rumors surrounding the incident that could incriminate the manufacturer.

In fact, rear view surveillance camera videos almost never show the brake lights on. Just about 23 seconds into the odyssey, it appears to briefly light up. Guangdong police said they would work with an outside agency to verify vehicle data and video footage.

The cause may be the replacement of pedals

It is no coincidence that Tesla opposes speculation about the autopilot system and faulty brake pedals. Time and again, the manufacturer gets into the discussion due to incidents with Tesla vehicles. A Tesla customer recently protested loudly at the electric car maker’s booth at the Shanghai Auto Show over faulty brakes on his vehicle. In the US, there are various procedures in which the autopilot of Tesla vehicles is to be checked.

Sudden acceleration of vehicles is also reported. However, after an investigation by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, it was found that such acceleration maneuvers were only the errors of the Tesla drivers. At most due to confusion between the accelerator and brake pedal. This could also be the case with the Tesla Model Y odyssey in Guangdong. But there is no certainty yet.

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