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Since the end of March, Tesla’s German factory in Grünheide near Berlin has been producing electric cars in series production, and great attention has been paid to processing the performance of the Model Y from there – after all, according to the cliche, Americans are known for their negligence, the Chinese are industrious and the Germans are perfect. In fact, the serial quality of the German Model Y currently seems to be between the well-known Chinese and the American.

Tesla expert has the next Model Y

This is supported by another Tesla Model Y example from Grünheide, which expert Ove Kröger took a closer look at. He had previously owned one of the first 30 delivered and was very pleased with the finish. A little later, however, another customer reported that he was very unhappy with his German Model Y. His photos on Twitter showed a tailgate protruding to the right and ill-fitting panels. Another first-time customer complained of numerous small scratches rubbed into the black finish of his German Tesla when he washed it.

In both cases, delivery took place shortly before the end of the quarter, so it remained to be hoped that the errors and scratches were due to the frantic pace of Tesla’s known end. At the request of teslamag.de, the company has not commented on this. But since then, no such clear case has been reported. And Kröger, too, found a few flaws in his second engagement with a German Model Y Performance, but no big gaffes.

Overall, the black Tesla, with which a customer came to visit, makes a good impression, summarizes Kröger straight away. But some things in the production are “sloppy”, he also says, something quality managers at Germany’s Gigafactory won’t like to hear. The expert finds the transition from the rear bumper to the body and the fitting of the large trunk lid, which still looked ugly on the late March Model Y, to be well done. But even with the second copy from Kröger, one of the rear lights does not fit well. And when he measured it, the left front headlight was sticking out so much (see photo) that it looked “like it was about to fall off.”

“You have to complain about the flaws”

Additionally, Kröger mentions that the paint is good, as with his first Model Y, and that he complains at a high level overall. At the price of 70,000 euros, you can expect a premium car in his opinion. Any weaknesses he showed could easily be fixed. But he would have preferred everything to be good from the factory. The experienced Tesla evaluator assumes that the German gigafactory still has room for improvement.

Another question is of course whether or not Tesla will utilize such potential but instead focus on rapidly increasing production figures. After all, high speed is part of the official mission, and production in the important Gigafactory in China is currently also canceled. A perfect Model Y from Germany is therefore not necessarily to be expected in the near future. But as a customer, you don’t have to make this conflict of goals your own: “If you have flaws, you have to complain about them, then they will certainly be remedied,” advises Kröger.

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