Tesla CEO Musk plans to buy Twitter for $41.4 billion

The company is to be a “platform for free speech around the world,” Musk says. And wants to unlist Twitter to take care of it myself.

Elon Musk could soon become not only Tesla boss and aerospace entrepreneur, but also a social media mogul: just a few weeks ago, he bought Twitter shares worth billions, making him the company’s largest shareholder. platform in one fell swoop. But apparently that’s not enough. Now the richest person in the world wants to take over Twitter completely for $41.4 billion.

This emerges from the documents intended for the supervisory authorities. Musk is offering $54.20 per Twitter share, a 38% premium to the April 1 closing price. According to the documents, Musk made his “best and last” offer to buy Twitter Inc.

Elon Musk and Twitter are a volatile relationship. The billionaire uses the platform extensively to post memes, comments on world events, or even big announcements. Some people don’t like the latter in particular. For example, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, which after sensational tweets about Tesla’s future, ordered him to verify his contributions to the automaker before publishing them. With 81.6 million followers, Musk is probably one of the most influential users on the network and his tweets repeatedly trigger backlash – whether it’s public debate or stock prices starting to fluctuate.

Musk says he wants to take Twitter off the list

Regarding his current offer, he explained that the company had tremendous potential that he wanted to unleash. One can only guess what this means in practice – since becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder, he has, among other things, used a poll to vote on whether users should be able to edit their tweets in the future and whether the company protects freedom of speech. In the past, he particularly doubted the latter, sometimes more, sometimes less clearly in public.

Now he also cites this topic as the reason for his takeover bid: He bought his shares on Twitter because he believes in its potential as a “platform for global free speech.” Since his investment, however, he has come to the conclusion that the company cannot achieve this ideal in its current form. Twitter must therefore be removed from the stock market. Musk could do that if he took over 100% of the company’s shares.

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