Telmed policyholders are threatened with sanctions for violations

Consumer protection warns against the Telmed model

These health insurance companies face massive penalties without warning

To save on insurance premiums, many Swiss consumers choose the Telmed model for their basic health insurance. But beware: Those who do not comply with the requirements must expect massive and possibly very expensive sanctions.


With the Telmed model, a telephone consultation is mandatory before visiting a doctor. Those who do not comply must count on drastic sanctions at best.

You can change your health insurance company until the end of November. This can potentially save on insurance premiums. Anyone who opts for the telemedicine model in their basic insurance can also save significantly on insurance premiums – up to 1,700 francs per year.

However, caution is advised here. Clear conditions apply to such Telmed offers: The request must be made and discussed via the app or by phone before treatment – except in urgent cases. The procedure is then discussed via the call center and a visit to the doctor is activated.

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