Free HIV testing and counselling

28/11/2022 Department of Health offers for World AIDS Day 1 December on the occasion of the worldAIDS-Den, the district office offers free and anonymously HIVtests and advice on this topic. According to First District Councilor Madlen Overdick, citizens have the option on Thursday, December 1, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.HIV and AIDSVisit without registration. … Read more

A possible new therapeutic target – healing practice

Dementia: link discovered between protein and Alzheimer’s disease Disease Alzheimer’s cannot be cured yet. However, especially in the early and middle stages, drugs and non-drug treatment methods can help maintain memory performance as long as possible and reduce side effects. Scientists now have a new one starting point for Alzheimer’s therapies found. Alzheimer’s disease is … Read more