The killer fights for Putin and deals drugs

33-year-old Vadim Tekhov brutally murdered his ex-wife. He was released from prison for the war in Ukraine – and arrested again. Assassin Vadim Tekhov fights for Russia in the war in Ukraine. – Twitter /@prof_preobr Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Russia is reportedly using 35,000 prisoners in its war in Ukraine. Among them was … Read more

More “Putin accomplices” exposed.

After the Russians withdrew from Kherson in the war in Ukraine, more and more “Putin’s minions” were looted in the southern Ukrainian city. In Kherson, other “Putin’s helpers” were arrested and looted. – Twitter Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell In Kherson, angry Ukrainians gathered more “Putin’s helpers”. The photos show the men being held … Read more

Now Putin is drilling Russian children into war

Russia suffered heavy losses in the war in Ukraine. Therefore, Putin is now resuming military training in schools for next year. Young boys are being trained for war. – Twitter / @Reuters Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Starting next year, military training will be part of the Russian school curriculum. In the last two … Read more

Russian soldiers scold Ukrainians because of Putin

Russian soldiers who are supposed to fight for their country in the war in Ukraine are severely neglected. The anger of some men at the leadership in Moscow is enormous. These Russians have surrendered to the Ukrainians and are now talking about the desolate state of their army. – Twitter / @sternenko Advertisement the essentials … Read more

War in Ukraine: Russian ministry plays down allegations against soldiers

Russia has recently suffered high losses in the war in Ukraine. In a rare statement, the Ministry of Defense has now denied either of those reports. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu (r). – Sputnik/AFP Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Russian insiders report heavy losses on various fronts. The Marine Brigade wrote a letter complaining about … Read more