GNTM-Star Lieselotte: So starb meine Schwester Anne-Rose – TV

Heidi Klum (48) nahm ihr Best-Ager-Model Lieselotte Reznicek (66) in der vergangen Folge ganz fest in den Arm – bei einer emotionalen Challenge brach die sonst stets fröhliche Lieselotte in Tränen aus, weil sie an ihre verstorbene Schwester should think. “Sie was so alt wie du, Heidi. It’s not long here. GN™ Fans vor dem … Read more

Der Börsen-Tag am Freitag, April 29, 2022

With 14.075 Punkten hat der dax im Donnerstagsgeschäft mit seinem Tageshoch bereits kurz einmal über die 14.000er-Marke Schaut, ehe sich der deutsche Börsenleitindex mit 13.980 Zählern dann letzten Endes wieder darunter aus dem Handel verabschiedete. The Plus 1.4 Prozent or 185 Punkten can be found alone, they can be welded and wurde from a Wall … Read more

Heidi Klum at GNTM: In der Schule nannte man mich „Pizza-Gesicht“ – TV

Hochemotional Moment in Folge 13. Nur noch zehn Kandidatinnen haben die Chance, Model-Mama Heidi Klum (48) von ihren Qualitäten als Topmodel zu überzeugen. Und Heidi wanted auch an diesem Donnerstagabend ihren Schützlingen all ab. Sie erwartete nämlich nicht nur professionelle und elegant Posen, sonern auch eine solid Schauspielleistung. And so dare to die Model-Anwärterinnen mit … Read more

Coachella Festival: Alessandra Ambrosio’s hippie scare – People

The big wheel in the desert turns again… No other music festival in the world generates as much excitement as the “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival” in Indio (California) on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The three-day musical show has been taking place in the desert since 1999. After having had to be canceled … Read more

‘Love Island’ winners Jenny and Nico: That’s how it is for us now – people

Her victory on “Love Island” surprised fans – now Jennifer (23) and Nico (26) want to build a life together in Düsseldorf. What are you doing now with the prize money – and with your young love? In the BILD interview, the dome show contestants talk about happiness. And how it went for her immediately … Read more

A robbery in the villa causes millions of damage

Verona Pooth’s villa was broken into at Christmas. The thieves left behind a loss of millions. In addition, the family still suffers psychologically from the theft. Photo series with 11 images When TV presenter Verona Pooth broke into her villa on Christmas Eve, thieves caused damage worth around one million euros. The German press agency … Read more

Tallulah Willis – She Prefers Marriage For Papa Bruce – People

Everything for his beloved dad! It’s the happiest day of her life and dad should feel good too: Tallulah Willis (28) and her fiancé Dillon Buss (33) prefer their marriage – while Tallulah’s ailing father, Hollywood star Bruce Willis (67, “Die Hard”), can be fully present when her baby girl says yes. This is how … Read more

Lena Meyer-Landrut: A reason to smile after the cancellation of your tour – people

Stop moping! In an emotional video, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut (31) tearfully announced earlier this month that she had to cancel her entire tour. Now she has reason to smile again. Review: After a long creative hiatus, Lena Meyer-Landrut released her song “Strip” in June 2021 and immediately catapulted herself to the top of the charts. … Read more

Really Annoyed Timberlake – Hear What Justin Says About Britney’s Baby – People

They were THE dream couple in the pop world: Britney Spears (40) and Justin Timberlake (41). In 2002, after four years of relationship, their love ended quite painfully in front of the whole world, but both of them have long been happy with new partners. But Britney still seems to be a sore point for … Read more