No “immunity debt” due to pandemic protective measures | – Guide

Status: 24/11/2022 17:32 Students are coughing for class and some clubs are almost empty at the moment. According to doctors and scientists, there is only an indirect connection between the coronavirus pandemic and other pathogens. by Yasmin Appelhans and Korinna Hennig A similar picture is emerging everywhere in Germany, says pediatrician Robin Kobbe. He researches … Read more

SARS outbreak 20 years ago: “Fourth phase of epidemics”

The SARS epidemic 20 years ago “Fourth Phase of Epidemics” By Kai Stoppel 19/11/2022 15:37 20 years ago, a previously unknown lung disease appeared in southern China. Like Covid-19, it is triggered by a coronavirus and is spreading around the world at breakneck speed. Her name: SARS. From the perspective of medical historian Jörg Vögele, … Read more