Michelle Hunziker: Official romantic comeback with Tomas?

Love comeback: Tomaso Trussardi sets the rules Just a few days ago, the blonde and the fashion heir celebrated their daughter Sole’s tenth birthday together. And just recently, photographers caught Trussardi doing it stayed at Michelle’s apartment in Milan. Oh! It was a beautiful ten years with two wonderful daughters. That must be saved. I … Read more

This is how Michelle Hunziker’s new ex reacts to rumors of love

Hanna Weig and Giovanni Angiolini are having fun together. What does the news from Michelle Hunziker’s ex say? Read… Jörn Schlönvoigt and Hanna Weig are no longer a “loving couple”, but apparently they still get along well. – images imago/future image Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Giovanni Angiolini spent the summer with Michelle Hunziker. … Read more