Red cabbage – Heilpraxis offers these health benefits

Red cabbage is an extremely healthy side dish Red cabbage brings a number of health benefits. For example, it protects against cardiovascular diseasesstrengthens the immune system, supports a weight loss and is good for the intestines. Like cabbage, red cabbage contains Savoy cabbage only low in caloriesbut a high amount Vitamin C. Cabbage is also … Read more

Potatoes can help you lose weight and reduce insulin resistance

Potatoes are full of important nutrients potatoes are said to increase the risk of weight gain. But a new study has shown that the popular tubers even though Lose weight can help – and also in reducing insulin resistance. A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University found that potatoes are … Read more

Health benefits of oatmeal – medical practice

How healthy is oatmeal? The consumption of oatmeal is becoming more and more popular. and Nutritionist Beth Czerwony of Cleveland Clinic (USA) explains why oatmeal is so healthy. Oatmeal is mostly used as a Haferbrei – often also as Oatmeal or porridge marked – consumed. normal Whole grain oatmeal have one very good nutritional profile. … Read more

A better feeling of satiety thanks to a larger breakfast – therapeutic practice

Lose weight: Eating a big breakfast can help with weight loss Scientific research has shown that people who breakfast skip or high calorie intake shift from morning to evening, increased Hunger demonstrate. In addition, skipping the morning meal also leads to lower energy expenditure. On the contrary, a bigger breakfast is better saturation and can … Read more