Prince Harry regrets not spending more time with the Queen

Patrick Jephson (66) worked closely with Princess Diana († 36) for eight years. Now the former private secretary is revealing new details about the complicated marriage of Diana and King Charles, 74. On The Scandal Mongers podcast, Patrick says, according to Page Six , that Charles’ staff at the time deliberately spread lies about his … Read more

GZSZ Week of November 21 Preview: Laura Dumps John

GZSZ weekly preview part 1 Laura doesn’t want John in “Masonry” anymore. GZSZ weekly preview part 2 Handing over the money turns into a horror trip for Nihat The GZSZ star wants to clarify Lennart Borchert had testicular cancer Actor GZSZ Lennart Borchert He wore a wig at GZSZ GZSZ-Star Testicular cancer diagnosis: Lennart had … Read more