Resurgent coronaviruses are more dangerous than expected

Updated 11/23/2022 at 1:58 p.m The probability of a serious illness is still high even with a second coronavirus infection. This follows from a new study from the US. Accordingly, the risk of hospitalization for reinfection is three times higher than for people who do not become reinfected. More news about the coronavirus Correction: We … Read more

SARS outbreak 20 years ago: “Fourth phase of epidemics”

The SARS epidemic 20 years ago “Fourth Phase of Epidemics” By Kai Stoppel 19/11/2022 15:37 20 years ago, a previously unknown lung disease appeared in southern China. Like Covid-19, it is triggered by a coronavirus and is spreading around the world at breakneck speed. Her name: SARS. From the perspective of medical historian Jörg Vögele, … Read more

No superimmunity: Corona reinfections increase the risk of death

No super immunity Reinfections with the coronavirus increase the risk of death By Solveig Bach 11/11/2022, 10:55 After recovering from the corona infection, many people feel as if nothing could happen to them. But the idea of ​​superimmunity is not only delusional, but also wrong, as an American study shows. While fewer and fewer people … Read more