Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes – Heilpraxis

Coffee to reduce the risk of diabetes? Coffee consumption appears to increase the risk Type 2 diabetes significantly reduce – at least in women with a history pregnancy diabetes. However, this only applies to caffeinated coffee. International research team Jiaxi Yang of Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health has a connection between coffee consumption … Read more

Preventing coronavirus infection? Then you should drink THIS drink

Updated: 21/11/2022 – 11:38 Anti-Corona-Booster Can coffee protect against the coronavirus? The study is now revealing amazing things Photo: Getty Images/ artplus According to scientists, some substances in coffee should protect against corona infection. Ban the coronavirus with a cup of coffee? It sounds too good to be true. But there might actually be something … Read more

Beizer will probably have to raise prices again

Swiss food establishments are also feeling the effects of inflation. They have already raised their prices – and are planning further increases. Inflation can now also be seen in pubs. (icon image) – Keystone distortion Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Inflation has long since arrived in Switzerland. Drinks and food are becoming more expensive … Read more

The Swiss are increasingly rushing into campaigns

Coffee has become significantly more expensive – even Starbucks has become more expensive. The expert explains: For most people, the pain threshold has long been exceeded. Starbucks coffee has become more expensive. – Keystone Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell Food prices have risen in Switzerland. Discounts and promotions are popular. Others respond to inflation … Read more