A possible new therapeutic target – healing practice

Dementia: link discovered between protein and Alzheimer’s disease Disease Alzheimer’s cannot be cured yet. However, especially in the early and middle stages, drugs and non-drug treatment methods can help maintain memory performance as long as possible and reduce side effects. Scientists now have a new one starting point for Alzheimer’s therapies found. Alzheimer’s disease is … Read more

A substance from hibiscus could alleviate Alzheimer’s disease

By studying immune cells in the brain (microglia), the research team found that gossypetin inhibits the activity of genes that promote chronic inflammatory responses. It also supports the ability of cells to remove waste products from their environment. In experiments with mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, gossypetin was able to stimulate these cells to break … Read more

Diagnosis years before symptoms appear – treatment practice

Alzheimer’s disease can be diagnosed before symptoms appear A new study showed that Crohn’s Alzheimer’s years before occurrence Symptoms can be diagnosed. This could lead to faster initiation of treatment, increasing the chance of preventing or slowing future cognitive decline. A major study led by Sweden’s Lund University has shown that people with Alzheimer’s disease … Read more

Green tea and red wine slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease – medical practice

Protection against Alzheimer’s disease by catechins and resveratrol Green tea and Red wine contain connections that apparently Alzheimer’s counteracts damage to nerve cells due to formation Beta-amyloid plaques reduce. This could also open up new approaches to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease. In a new study by experts from Tufts University 21 different drugs, dietary … Read more