Ottfried Fischer. Torn finger after a wheelchair accident.

Actor Ottfried Fischer and his wife Simone Brandlmeier. “She has so many good points that I wouldn’t know what to do without her,” Fischer says of his wife. The couple has been married since 2020. dp Inspector “Der Bulle von Tölz” Ottfried Fischer does not let his Parkinson’s disease get him down and after a … Read more

Boss Kherson’s († 45) car full of bullet holes

Kirill Stremoussow (d. 45), deputy governor of Kherson, died in an accident during the Ukrainian war, according to a Russian account. But his car has bullet holes. Portrait of Kirill Stremoussov († 45) next to his coffin. – cornerstone Advertisement the essentials in a nutshell The deputy governor of Kherson died in an accident just … Read more