Switzerland beat Latvia and are in the semi-finals of the World Floorball Championship

Lots of work at the Swiss Life Arena in Zurich. Swiss Tim Braillard in a duel with Latvian Peteris Treks.Image: keystone

The Swiss floorball team has fulfilled its duty at the home World Cup and is in the semi-finals after a sustained 3-1 win over Latvia. The opponent there on Saturday will probably be the Czech Republic.

11/10/2022, 9:01 p.m11/10/2022, 9:26 p.m

In the meantime, the Swiss have only two matches left – with one win they would win a medal for sure, with two they would even win the title for the first time. National coach David Jansson’s team proved to almost 5,500 spectators in the new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich against Latvia that dreaming is still allowed. After an annoying draw against Norway, a convincing 7-5 rehabilitation against co-favorite Finland and a solid 9-3 against Slovakia, the quarter-final hurdle is now cleared.

This is also notable because the top has recently moved closer together. After the Norwegians and Slovaks, the Latvians also proved it, who demanded everything from the Swiss until the end. Even against the Balts, not everything was perfect with them. “The opponent made it very, very difficult for us,” said captain Nicola Bischofberger, “but in the end we achieved our goal and are in the semi-finals.”

Great support for the Swiss national team.

Great support for the Swiss national team.Image: keystone

The Swiss clearly dominated the game for a long time and, thanks to the goals of Noël Seiler (6th) and Jan Zaugg (17th), directed the events in the first period in the desired direction. “We also had a good chance to take the lead more clearly,” said Zaugg, the scorer at 2-0, “but because we missed it, we made life difficult for ourselves.” As goalkeeper Janis Salcevics prevented further damage to the Latvians, it remained tense for a long time.

As the Swiss lost a bit of a thread in the meantime, it took until the 50th minute before Manuel Maurer was able to coolly take advantage of a mistake in the opponent’s defense to make it 3:1. As a result, nothing was left to chance and the opponent’s final offensive was unscathed.

Now it’s about titles and medals

The next big challenge after the win against Finland is the semi-final against the Czech Republic (or Slovakia again, which would be a big surprise) on Saturday from 17:30. The last time the Swiss and the Czechs fought for bronze four times in a row – in 2014 and last year in Helsinki with a better end for the Eastern Europeans, in 2016 and 2018 for the Jansson team. As they are already meeting in the semi-finals this time, both teams naturally count on a strong chance of participating in only their second final and, a much higher hurdle, their first ever World Cup title.

“By qualifying for the semi-finals, we have achieved our first big goal – and of course now we hope to be able to continue as successfully as possible this weekend,” Jan Zaugg looks forward to the medal games with great confidence and self-belief. confidence. Knowing that anything is possible between peak (first world title) and flop (fourth place).

Switzerland 3-1 Latvia (2-0, 0-1, 1-0)
Zurich. – 5495 viewers. – SR Sodermann/Bostrom (SWE).
Thor: 6. Seiler (Zaugg) 1-0. 17 Zaugg (Braillard) 2-0. 22. Purine 2:1. 50. Mason (shot) 3-1.
Punish: 2 times 2 minutes against Switzerland. 1 time 2 minutes against Latvia.
Switzerland: edder; Bürki, Konrad; Graf, Camenisch; Bischofberger, Heller; false; Maurer, Schiess, Mendelin; Zaugg, Braillard, Seiler; Riedi, Christoph Meier, Laely; Rüegger, Kaenzig.
Latvia: Salcevic; Akmenlauks, Jursevskis; Ragovski, Krumin; Orst, Savin; Shear; Kovalevsky, Raitum, Trexe; Jansons, Rajecki, Purin; Kalnietis, Tutan, Smith; Case, Griezitida, Anise.
comment: Switzerland without Pascal Meier (backup goalkeeper).


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