Swiss trainer Tom Stauffer has his own slope in Lapland


The piste in Kabdalis was named after Swiss head coach Tom Stauffer. Why?

Some of the world’s slalom skiers have been restless for weeks. Due to the extremely mild autumn temperatures, there are currently only a few pistes in Europe that allow proper training in view of the «zig-zag» start of the World Cup in Val-d’Isère.

One of these rare slopes is in Kabdalis. And at this ski resort in Swedish Lapland, the Swiss enjoy a true home game thanks to the background of head coach Tom Stauffer. Before the native of the Bernese Oberland took over the management position at Swiss Ski, he was very successful in Sweden for seven years. Under Stauffer’s leadership, Anja Pärson became a top star. And during this time, “Thöma” also began to push the skiing area in Kabdalis, where he trained almost exclusively with his slalom cracks.

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