Swiss Game Awards – “Far: Changing Tides” is the best Swiss game of the year – culture


The cozy sailing game disappears. Meanwhile, the prize for the best serious game goes to «Lausanne 1830».

“Far: Changing Tides” was the clear favorite of the eight games nominated for the main award. Not only because it attracted the most international attention, but also because its predecessor «Far: Lone Sails» already won the Swiss Game Award.

Video: Guido spielt «Far: Changing Tides» (Let’s Play)

The following were also nominated in the “Entertainment” category:

  • Anshar 2: Hyperdrive (OZWE Games, Lausanne)
  • Backfirewall (Naraven, Lausanne)
  • Captain Velvet Meteor (Momo-pi Studio, Bulle)
  • Letters (5am Games, Zurich)
  • Monorail Stories (Stelex Software, Maggia)
  • Sword (Digital Kingdom, Vevey)
  • Terraformers (Asteroid Lab, Bern)

Zurich-based developer Okomotive is the first game design studio to win the Swiss Game Award for the second time. At this ninth awards ceremony, the studio won a double: “Far: Changing Tides” also won the Audience Award. Since the audience is mainly other game developers, Okomotiva also received recognition from its competitors.

Best serious game: «Lausanne 1830»

In addition, the best serious game was awarded. Serious games are games that are not primarily aimed at entertainment, but are used for example in the classroom or for campaigns. The category was awarded for the first time last year and is relevant to the Swiss game design scene because these games are not sold but are financed, for example, from the marketing budgets of companies, foundations or administrations. This opens up new sources of income for the studios.

The winner was the historical game “Lausanne 1830” by Digital Kingdom in Vevey, which allows players to walk through Lausanne in the past.

It was mainly students from EPFL who worked on the game in pixel art style. It is not a coincidence. Because most of the game studios in Switzerland are located in Lausanne in addition to Zurich.

The following were also nominated:

  • Microbiomes (Koboldgames and NCCR Microbiomes)
  • Migros Merge (Gbanga & Migros Cooperative Association)
  • Oris – Joy of Mechanics (dreiplay studio & Oris)
  • Reuse (ETH Zürich)
  • Respect – for who I really am (Studio Macaco)

The Swiss Game Awards are presented by the Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA).

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