Swiss Cup with Wil vs Sion and Lausanne vs YB in live ticker

The Young Boys won 5-1 at Lausanne-Sport and are in the quarter-finals of the Swiss Cup. Sion defeats Wil 2:1 after extra time, Lugano defeats Winterthur 1:0.

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Cup quarter finals

Red Cross (1st) – Servette
Thun/Lucerne – Young Boys
Sion – Lugano
Gallen – Grasshoppers/Basel

Swiss Cup

Lausanne – YB 1:5

In the end, the clearly defeated Lausanne had its good phase. After a quick deficit of 0:2 with the goals of Donat Rrudhani and Lewin Blum, the lower class temporarily dominated the proceedings. The goal was scored in the first half by Oliver Custodio. YB resisted the pressure with a markedly different formation to the weekend and made it all clear within five minutes through Christian Fassnacht (68th) and Vincent Sierra (73rd).

Lausanne-Sport – Young Boys 1:5 (1:2)
7496 viewers. – SR Cibelli.
Thor: 4. Rrudhani 0:1 11. Blum 0:2. 32. Custodian 1:2. 68. Fassnacht 1:3. 73. Hill 1:4. 85. Elijah 1:5
Young guys: Ratioppi; Blum, Amenda (46. Lustenberger), Zesiger (88. Chaiwa), Benito; Lauper (46. Niasse); Sierro, Rieder, Rrudhani (46th Carnival); Eliáš, Nsame (78. Monteiro).

Wil – Zion 1:2 nV

Wil, second in the Challenge League, didn’t just keep up at home against Sion. He even had better chances to score a goal. Veteran Silvio and especially Sofiane Bahloul missed excellent opportunities to make it 1-0. The 22-year-old Frenchman once hit the crossbar and later failed solo at Sion goalkeeper Heinz Lindner.

The decision was made after 100 minutes: 1-0 after Genis Montoli’s back pass was too short, resulting in a penalty converted by Wylan Cyprien and 2-0 by substitute Luca Zuffi. Silvio’s 1-2 in the 120th minute came too late, but only because Tim Staubli shot over the goal seconds before the final whistle to make it 2-2.

Wil – Sion 1:2 (0:0, 0:0) nV
SR Schnyder.
Thor: 102. Cyprien (Penalta) 0:1. 109. Zuffi 0:2. 120. Silvio (Penalty) 1:2.
Zion: Lindner; Saintini, Cavare, Schmied; Iapichino, Grgic (64. Zuffi), Lavanchy; Fifth (91. Chouaref), Araz (64. Cyprien); Sio (84. Karlen), Stojilkovič (91. Bua).

Lugano – Winterthur 1:0

The duel between the Superliga clubs between Lugano and Winterthur was a tough affair with few scoring chances. Winterthur defended itself superbly against the defending champion for a long time. In the end, a good but not uncontroversial action by the Ticino team decided in the 67th minute. Playmaker Allan Arigoni cleared his opponent Granit Lekaj with a check before Mattia Bottani scored to make it 1-0.

Lugano – Winterthur 1:0 (0:0)
67. Bottani 1:0.
Lugano: Osigwe; Arigoni, Mai, Daprelà, Valenzuela; Sabbatini (76. Bislimi), Doumbia; Steffen, Bottani (90. Macek), Mahou (59. Haile-Selassie); Babic (59. Čelar).
Winterthur: pop out; Gantenbein (82. Schmid), Lekaj, Gelmi, Schättin; Corbaz, Arnold (76.Abedini); Ramizi; Di Giusto, Buess, Burkart (82. Camberi)

Wohlen—Sevette 2:5

17-year-old Alessandro Vogt shocked Servette into the corner of the goal with a dry finish in the 12th minute. After half an hour it could even have been 3-0 for Wohlen. But Muhamed Seferi failed to beat Servette keeper Edin Omeragic from close range, then scored a penalty in the 28th minute against the post.

Geneva got into the game better in the second half, but initially failed several times on Wohlen goalkeeper Anton Sytnykov. Boubacar Fofana finally saved the Grenats in the 76th minute with a direct free kick into extra time. In this FC Wohlen, where Sytnykov had to substitute, the forces were visibly running out. Geneva decided the game with three goals in 13 minutes.

Wohlen – Servette 2:5 (1:1,1:0) etc
SR Bieri.
Thor: 12. Vogt 1:0. 76. Fofana 1:1. 93. Cognate 1:2. 101. Kutesa (Penalty) 1:3. 106. Cespedes 1:4. 109. Pfister 2:4. 117. Patrick 2:5.
Napkins: omeragic; Bauer (64. Magnin), Monteiro (46. Vouilloz), Souare, Baron; Cespedes, Diba (64. Touati); Rodelin, Cognat, Kutesa; Fofana (95. Patricio).
comment: 28. Seferi (Wohlen) missed the penalty.

Super League

Lucerne – Basel 0:2

The breakthrough scene happened in the 3rd minute: In an aerial duel, Lucerne defender Denis Simani elbowed Basel’s Andi Zeqiri in the head. Former Lucerne player Darian Males converted a logical penalty to make it 1-0. The Baslers were thus rewarded for their commitment in the opening phase.

Lucerne had more of the game as a result, but was too passive offensively and created only a few chances. Mohamed Dräger came closest to equalizing in the 20th minute when Basel’s recovering goalkeeper Marvin Hitz deflected his shot off the crossbar.

Bradley Fink, who was also trained at FC Luzern, made the final decision in the 87th minute after a good job by substitute Kala Sène. Too bad for Lucerne coach Mario Frick, who was sent off in the 90th minute. He is said to have bumped into a fourth official away from the television cameras.

Lucerne – Basel 0:2 (0:1)
Spectators. – SR San.
Thor: 6. Men (Penalty) 0:1. 87. Fink (Sene) 0:2.
Lucerne: miller; Drager, Simani, Burch, Dorn; Beloko, Jashari (81. Toggenburg); Klidje (71. Ardaiz), Gentner (61. Emini), Meyer; Abubakar (71st scratch).
Basel: Hitz; Heritage (72. Frei), Comas, Adams, Calafiori; Pelmard; N. (94. N.), Diouf, Burger, Men (61. Seine); Zeqiri (72nd Fink).
comment: Lucerne without Chader (suspended), Frýdek, Kadák, Leny Meyer and Sorgic (all injured). Basel without Lang (suspended), Lopez, Tushi and Vogel (all injured). 20th Dräger bar. 90. Red card Frick (Lucerno coach).
Notice: 3. Cement, 47. Bellock, 83. Dorn, 84. Comas, 88. Calafiori. (abu/sda)

These are the biggest sensations at the Swiss Cup


These are the biggest sensations at the Swiss Cup

source: srf

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