Swing: Patrick Räbmatter urgently needs a financial injection

The Aargau rocking colossus is a few thousand short

Räbmatter, trembling, fights for his career

Aargau Patrick Räbmatter’s career is about to come to an abrupt end. The crowd favorite is 15,000 francs short.


In the summer of 2016, Patrick Räbmatter produced a very special litter.

Patrick Räbmatter (30) is an exceptional wrestler in many ways. The two-time Confederate belongs to the rare guild that defeated the Bern kings Kilian Wenger (32) and Matyáš Sempach (36). The “Räbis” gestures after defeats in the last round are unique. Just like the last Aargauer Kantonale.

After the 55-time crown winner was tripped by Pirmin Reichmuth in the final walk, he quickly hoisted the 130-pound Zuger onto his shoulders to celebrate his vanquisher.

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