Suspicious photo: Is Pietro Lombardi in love again?

What does he mean by that? Pietro Lombardi (29) has already had to deal with a few heartaches in his life. After he and ex-wife Sarah Engels (29) split in 2016, his relationship with influencer Laura Maria Rypa (26) also fizzled out – and that shortly after he went public with his love for her. In his podcast, the former DSDS winner even revealed that he regrets not keeping his relationship private. Well shared Rock a new suspicious photo with his fans.

On his instagram-Shared account Rock Wednesday a photo in which a woman tenderly puts her hand in that of a man. The close-up also shows that the male is wearing a wedding ring. ob Rock is in love again? At least that’s what some of his fans suspect under his post.

A large number of Pietros However, fans also suspect that the singer’s post could be a hint of his next collaboration. “I would say it’s the nails of Katja Krasavice (25 years old), “Certainly a new song” or even “Next single is coming out”, only a few Internet users suspected it in addition to the many flame and heart emojis in the column of comments.

Message from Pietro Lombardis, April 2022

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Message from Pietro Lombardis, April 2022
Pietro Lombardi, musician
Pietro Lombardi, Sanger

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