Supersport world champion Dominique Aegerter wins in Lombok

Lombok race cancelled

World Champion Aegerter takes his 16th win of the season after the title

Dominique Aegerter (32) proves his superiority in the first race after winning the world title, winning the second race on the Indonesian island of Lombok.


Dominique Aegerter celebrates his 16th win of the season in Lombok!

The world champion is unstoppable! Domi Aegerter won the second race in Indonesia and put the icing on the cake of his world champion.

After the start, Aegerter fell back to 7th place, but from the third lap, the man from Bern, whose starting number 77 was golden this time, took off. In the eighth lap, the 32-year-old competitor took the lead. He was still holding it when Saturday’s winner Niki Tuuli fell in the 14th round. The race was then stopped and scored.

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