Super League: FC Basel are historically bad


Super LeagueFC Basel are historically bad – Alex Frei is running out of arguments

FC Basel is not doing well at the moment. Basel just don’t score goals. Coach Alex Frei is criticized. He now wants to respond during the break.

Basel lost 1-0 to GC on Saturday night.


“What should I blame my boys for?” says FCB coach Alex Frei after a 1-0 defeat against Grasshoppers to «Basler Zeitung». And further, “What should I blame you for, except that we did not hit the hut at the right time?”

Well – even if Frei doesn’t want to make any real criticisms: When you look at the facts, there are a few things you can fault the team for. This is how FC Basel succeeded from 21 corners and 47 crosses and created only two dangerous chances. Basel presented itself terribly weakly, the last pass in the dangerous area practically did not arrive at all.

“No problem with the psyche”

This circumstance angered many FCB fans. “You have to be honest: This is the worst FCB in the last 20 years,” wrote one user, for example. A few supporters have also cautiously started asking the coach question. Right? The fact is: FCB got 21 points from the first 16 games. For Basel, it is the weakest running result in Superliga history. So far, the red-blue have always collected at least 24 points. In the league, YB is the leader with 14 points, FCB is in fifth place.

One of the reasons for the disappointing first half of the season is the lack of goals. Only 21 hits in 16 games. FCB did not score a goal in seven matches! Against GC, the shooting ratio was 22:6. Out of many shots, only five (!) hit the opponent’s goal.

Frei knows all this. He told Modré after Letzigrund’s bankruptcy: “It was certainly not a problem of mentality and also a problem of passion. It was a problem that we couldn’t get the ball again.” For him, it’s inexplicable.

Alex Frei screams – but it’s no use.

Martin Meienberger/freshfocus

Frei is one of FCB’s worst coaches

Club boss David Degen recently told “Basler Zeitung”: “We will see another FCB in the second half of the season.” He believes in the team. “I won’t let it be said badly. I think we have a team with good individual class.” Degen went on to say that an analysis will have to be done, but that will take place after the final games of the year.

Well – it’s after them. And Frei is getting – mainly because of his results so far – into more and more problems. FCB have conceded as many away defeats under the 43-year-old as in 23 games under Guillermo Abascalo and Patrick Framework combined (4). Or another way: Last season Rotblau lost five times in 36 games, now Basel is in the middle of four bankruptcies. In the Super League, Alex Frei averages 1.31 points. That’s what counts FCB’s worst coaches at all.

This is how it goes

For the first time, Basel can lick its wounds and do everything to present itself better in the second half of the season. Baslers are already preparing for the second half of the season on Wednesday – of course without representatives. Frei recently said he wants to study new game systems. Maybe it’s for something – so that the FCB coach can’t really blame his players for anything.

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