Super League: Balotelli in rain at FC Sion despite umbrella

Umbrella as a subtle message

Behind Balotelli’s jubilation is another insult

Six days after the scandal with the stinky fingers, Mario Balotelli (32) provokes again. Shortly after, he experienced one of the darkest hours of his career against FCSG.


FC Sion around Mario Balotelli lose at home against St. Gallen 7:2.


Stephen KreisFootball reporter

The “Gesto dell’ombrello”, the umbrella gesture, originates from Italy, the country of Mario Balotelli. And it means basically the same thing as stinky finger. The Sion star addressed this to FCB fans several times last Sunday. And then he added fuel to the fire with mafia accusations against the association. Now the provocateur is doing well in the home game against St. Gallen did even better when he put an umbrella on his shirt after a hand penalty to make it 1-0. A message a little more subtle than a clumsy middle finger.

Mario Balotelli is sending a slightly more subtle message this time.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Balotelli will end up in the rain. Because the SFL will take it out of circulation for weeks after the FCB game. And because against St. Gallenu experienced one of the darkest hours of his career. FCSG scored five goals between the 27th and 44th minutes and many of the 10,000+ Tourbillon fans made it to the raclette house before the break. The team is recalled by a shrill whistling concerto.

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