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omission compensatedSunrise is causing havoc with SMS Roaming – that’s what’s behind it

Sunrise informs its customers via SMS that roaming costs will be included in the existing price limit from December. Customers are irritated.

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Sunrise informs its customers via SMS about the roaming change, causing confusion.

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“I can understand that Sunrise customers are confused,” says Telekom expert Ralf Beyeler from the comparison portal “This SMS is very poorly worded.”

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Sunrise justifies the change with

Sunrise justifies the change with “legal provisions” – but it came into effect on July 1, 2021.

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It’s about it

  • A reader has purchased a subscription from Sunrise that includes roaming in Europe.

  • Sunrise is now notifying the customer that roaming will soon be included in the existing price limit.

  • Sunrise justifies this with a legal provision.

  • These exist, but according to the Federal Communications Authority, they are effective from July 1, 2021.

SMS customer Sunrise G.* remained at a loss. In September, it signed a Sunrise subscription with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Europe, the US and Canada. “Now Sunrise is texting me that roaming will be included from December 1,” says G. for 20 minutes.

Confusing SMS from Sunrise.

Confusing SMS from Sunrise.

20 min/News-Scout

Sunrise in SMS gives the impression that a new legal provision will enter into force on December 1: From then on, roaming costs for calls, SMS and MMS will be included in the existing price limit if you use a flat-rate subscription abroad. The limit can be changed online, it is written in an SMS.

SMS creates confusion

Now G. feels cheated: She canceled her subscription because she is regularly abroad and wanted to reduce her roaming costs. He is now wondering if there was a technical glitch or if the roaming charges were cancelled. “If that’s the case, I certainly wouldn’t take an expensive subscription with all-inclusive roaming.”

G. also questions whether all Black Friday- and Singles’ Day offers with preferential roaming are just a “scam”. Another news scout reports to editors that Sunrise uses the wording “follow-on subscription” in SMS. But he doesn’t even know what a postpaid subscription is.

“Sms is very poorly worded”

“I can understand that Sunrise customers are confused,” says Telekom expert Ralf Beyeler from the comparison portal “This SMS is very poorly worded.” He is not aware that there will be a new legal provision from 1 December 2022.

On the other hand, it is clear that as of July 1, 2021, the new legal regulation of roaming cost limits applies. According to Beyeler, telcos interpreted the new specifications differently and not all implemented everything in the same way. This caused confusion at the time.

Sunrise makes up for lost time

But will the new legal provision really enter into force on December 1? When asked, the Federal Office for Communications knows nothing about it: “As far as we know, it is the implementation of an open point of the last revision of the Telecommunications Act of 2021.”

New roaming rules in the Telecommunications Act

The Telecommunications Act brought new rules for telecommunications service providers: roaming options and roaming packages are valid for at least twelve months from 1 July 2021, and mobile operators can only offer roaming services after customers have set a personal roaming limit. to set. This also applies to existing customers.

One has been in contact with Sunrise for a long time regarding this matter. “We knew that this realization was still pending,” the authority says upon request. However, Sunrise was able to demonstrate that there were technical difficulties in implementing the cost limit change.

That’s what Sunrise says

When asked, Sunrise says the SMS is only about the roaming price limit. Until now, this only applied to paid roaming data connections with Sunrise. From December 1, the limit will also include paid roaming calls, SMS and MMS.

This limit covers roaming costs that are not included in the subscription, such as calls from Europe to China or calls and texts from South America. Calls within Europe that are already included in the subscription are not affected. Customers have better control over the costs incurred abroad.

*The editor knows the name.

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