Suicidal Thoughts and Car Accidents – Exploring Your Mind

Not only alcohol and drugs, but also depression with suicidal thoughts can become a danger on the road.

The association between suicidal ideation and traffic accidents

Last update: November 15, 2022

We know that alcohol and drugs are often involved in traffic accidents. But psychological problems, such as suicidal thoughts, are also a risk on the road. As a result of the pandemic, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety have increased significantly. The number of traffic accidents has also increased, for various reasons that need to be further investigated.

People who survived a traffic accident they often report latent depression associated with unconscious suicidal thoughts. Some people have a desire to leave life behind, put their feet on the ground and turn off their minds.

Many people who experience suicidal thoughts while driving have never attempted suicide in any other way.

It is important to understand the causes of traffic accidents in order to prevent them.

recklessness due to depression

Why do some people become reckless drivers? What motivates them to drive at extreme speed in the wrong direction? Reckless drivers, if caught, will first have to submit to an alcohol and drug test. However, a psychological examination is not always carried out.

However, a 2015 University of Pisa study shows this risky behavior, impulsivity and psychomotor agitation are in many cases the result of a psychological problem. Alcohol is often involved, but we must remember that drunk driving encourages suicidal thoughts. Alcohol is a recognized drug used by many to numb mental pain. However, the real danger on the street is the disinhibition and willingness to take risks resulting from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Vehicles can become perfect tools for self-harm or self-destruction if they are psychologically unbalanced.

What are the symptoms?

When we think of someone with depression, we imagine a person lying listlessly on the couch at home, holding on to their sadness. This idea does not correspond to reality in any way. Depression manifests itself in many ways and can also be correlated with reckless driving behavior:

  • There is depression, which includes risky, erratic behavior, alcohol use, gambling addiction, etc.
  • When faced with suicidal thoughts, many people act impulsively without considering the possible consequences.
  • Characteristic features are mood swings, nervousness and restlessness.

Some people prefer to hide suicide behind a car accident.

suicidal thoughts and traffic accidents

Depression is often undiagnosed cause deep suffering and often suicidal thoughts. Because many people don’t talk about it, it’s difficult to act. Two aspects make this reality particularly complex:

The desire to end life is not always conscious

A person who suffers or causes a traffic accident, often suffer from unconscious suicidal thoughts. These people do not exhibit self-injurious behavior, but once they have a bike in their hands, they develop a desire to flee. You drift at high speed and decide your fate. The consequences are often devastating.

Of course, there are also people who intentionally get into a vehicle to hide the suicide behind a traffic accident and thus hide the real background from the family.

Lack of appreciation of one’s own life and the lives of others

This is also tragic People who wish for their own death in a traffic accident do not value life. Not only are they indifferent to their own lives, but they care little for the lives of others. Suicidal thoughts that lead to a traffic accident often end tragically for other road users. Paradoxically, the polluter himself often survives.

There is no comprehensible data reporting on traffic accidents caused by suicidal thoughts.

How can we deal with this reality?

Prevention of traffic accidents caused by suicidal thoughts, is an extremely difficult undertaking. The first step would be to collect data on this problem so we know what the real risk is of it happening. Again, this is a complicated goal because it is often not possible to sufficiently investigate or interrogate those responsible for traffic accidents.

Vehicles are a useful tool for mentally ill people to self-destruction or self-harm. Only the closest environment and the sufferer himself have the chance to avoid these situations: If depression and suicidal thoughts are recognized in time and appropriate treatment is possible, the consequences can also be prevented. We must take care of those people who are down and hopeless!

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